1. Not really feelin it Edmonton  (Taken with instagram)

    Not really feelin it Edmonton (Taken with instagram)

  2. Edmonton, you are so typical

    I was listening to the good people over at Sonic the other day and heard someone call in about taking their snow brush out of their car. Garner Andrews told him if he did such a thing it was likely to snow again. I blame the guy that took his snow brush out of his car because a snow storm is on its way..

    Wait a second.. it’s only March. Okay fine, I won’t complain. But I will still continue to use my BBQ. =)

    I have tried many a veggie burger out there. I have been quite lucky with them too. The in house made one at Local in South Common has definitely been one of my favorite restaurant burgers. I always find that the weird extremely circley (circley?) ones that you buy in store are just that.. very circlish. Does that make sense?

    The ones from costco are fantastic though: Kirkland Garden Burgers. Highly recommended. As an at home meal, I absolutely think you can skip the bun all together, or at least enjoy it open-faced. Today, I paired mine with some pickled jalapenos and goat cheese on the grill. I also threw half of a yellow pepper on the grill thinking I would eat it all together, but ended up dipping it in some greek yogurt on its own. =)

    By the way, Greek yogurt has become a part of my new love affair. I just don’t know how it is soo creamy and not bad for you at the same time. I won’t question it though! <3

    I love making a big batch of homemade veggie burgers that are ready to thaw out when I need them but haven’t had the chance quite yet this year. Has anyone else tried a really good store-bought veggie burger?